A Brief History of Spa

With more and more people looking to spas for health, wellness, anti-aging and relaxation, spa going has been described as a new cultural trend. But in fact, spa going (ie. Social bathing in “healing waters”) has been practiced for thousands of years – from the Mesopotamians, Egyptians and Minoans, to the Greeks and Romans (the…

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The Ancient Healing Art of Hot Stone Massage

The ancient healing art of Hot Stone Massage has been around for thousands of years and used in a variety of ways in many different modalities. Since early stages of humanity stones were used to make tools and weapons. The ancient Chinese used stone therapy as a precursor to acupuncture and is considered “the mother of acupuncture”. In many religions around the…

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There are many types of spas. Resort and destination spas in exotic locations with highly styled consumers looking ever so chic. Day spas offering maintenance services. Medi-spas with their clinical, doctor-like approach. And mineral spring spas focused on group bathing. Each model will appeal to different people, but what separates them for most is cost….

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The Wellness Trend in Spas in Dallas

Upon my arrival to Dallas, Texas early last year I heard that spas are more into beauty and med spa services and not so much wellness. All last Fall I kept visiting spas and looking at their menus and came to the conclusion that Dallas is slowly moving in the wellness direction. An article the…

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