There are many types of spas. Resort and destination spas in exotic locations with highly styled consumers looking ever so chic. Day spas offering maintenance services. Medi-spas with their clinical, doctor-like approach. And mineral spring spas focused on group bathing. Each model will appeal to different people, but what separates them for most is cost….

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The Wellness Trend in Spas in Dallas

Upon my arrival to Dallas, Texas early last year I heard that spas are more into beauty and med spa services and not so much wellness. All last Fall I kept visiting spas and looking at their menus and came to the conclusion that Dallas is slowly moving in the wellness direction. An article the…

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Exfoliation, the natural way!

Every culture has had some sort of body exfoliation mechanism or way of removing dead skin cells from ones’ epidermis. We all know that our bodies are about 70% water and our skin sheds daily. Why not try a new “old fashioned” devise such as Le Edge recently introduced at Cosmoprof North America 2011 and…

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A Brief History of Spa

With more and more people looking to spas for health, wellness, anti-aging and relaxation, spa going has been described as a new cultural trend. But in fact, spa going (ie. Social bathing in “healing waters”) has been practiced for thousands of years – from the Mesopotamians, Egyptians and Minoans, to the Greeks and Romans (the…

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MarktheSpaman tried Beauty Buster Skin Care and said this…

Mark McKenney, aka @MarkthesSpaman is a spa industry expert who not only follows trends, he creates them! He tried the men’s Beauty Buster Skin Care, as well as the Secret Weapon Serum and shared his experience below.  To follow Mark and stay on trend, find him on Twitter, @MarktheSpaman and At first, I thought…

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Chai to Resist a Fall Exfoliation!

Fall is upon us and both of these products are just what a skincare esthetician would prescribe going into the fall and winter season. I was given this body scrub to try out and it turned out to be the right ‘necessity’ and very apropos for the season. It’s time for an exfoliation! On the List On…

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