Chai to Resist a Fall Exfoliation!

Fall is upon us and both of these products are just what a skincare esthetician would prescribe going into the fall and winter season. I was given this body scrub to try out and it turned out to be the right ‘necessity’ and very apropos for the season. It’s time for an exfoliation!

On the List

On the ingredients list, the first ones listed are a blend of sweeteners including organic honey, cane sugar and molasses. I would never have imagined using sugars but from what estheticians tell me, it’s the best thing to naturally exfoliate and prepare your epidermis for the winter season. I now understand that sugar is a natural source of glycolic acid, an alphy hydroxy acid which are good for breaking down and removing dry, dead skin cells. The honey crystals and honey are good topical antiseptics and contain antibacterial and antiviral properties. Honey is also packed full of antioxidants to protect and help repair skin damage. The third benefit is that it has humectant qualities that draw moisture to the skin. What is left after this is treatment is softer skin. No wonder honey bees are so important in our eco-system. Honey is a perfect food and great for the skin too!

This blended scrub has no synthetic exfoliants thanks to the organic honey and organic sugar crystals. When using a natural product such as this, the oils used in this natural handmade scrub make it really rich. So your full attention is needed so that you don’t get all the oils on your tub rather than your skin. Take your time and use a wooden spatula to slowly stir this formula and apply small amounts to the area to be scrubbed, ideally for body use and preferably not your face. Slowly apply and work into a circular motion for maximum effect. You might want to take the time to allow the crystals to ‘melt’ onto your skin. When you are done, remove the mixture with a damp washcloth or by running warm water over the area. Your skin will feel smooth and sleek to the touch

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