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Mark McKenney, aka @MarkthesSpaman is a spa industry expert who not only follows trends, he creates them! He tried the men’s Beauty Buster Skin Care, as well as the Secret Weapon Serum and shared his experience below.  To follow Mark and stay on trend, find him on Twitter, @MarktheSpaman and

At first, I thought here is another skincare that claims to be ‘the best’ and the only one since skincare was invented. It is just not so with Lora Condon’s line of all-natural, made in the USA skincare line. I was actually impressed with a simple and concise product line; just the kind of products that I look for in a men’s skincare line. Clean Sweep is Lora’s version of a scrub – very interesting and well formulated. No banned micro-beads only crushed rice, rosewater, aloe gel, glycerin, baking soda and primrose oil. I used this while showering as a face scrub – works well and you don’t have to feel bad about polluting ponds and the ocean with micro-beads. Completely real and organic ingredients here. The Secret Weapon Anti Aging Serum product is great, just the right weight (I thought it was light and not creamy or heavier like a serum usually is). I used this around the eyes and eyelids. One or two drops works wonders. Not too heavy and not too light but just like Little Red Riding Hoods porridge, just right!

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The Atomic Balm Stick It is my all-time favorite. I couldn’t believe that a skincare product would actually work in a balm (besides lip products). I used it perfectly right over the Secret Weapon Anti-Aging Serum on my cheekbone area. The ingredients did not ‘run’ or feel greasy – this ‘foundation’ makes it through the day plus I put it on again at bedtime and it makes it through the night. The ingredients are Macadamia Nut Oil, White Bee’s Wax, Vitamin E and my favorite new ingredient Meadowform. Bump Blaster worked well together with the other products and I used it as an aftershave. No alcohol, just Tea Tree Oil, Rosewater, Aloe, Vitamin E and Meadowfoam and Pine. No heavy fragrance just healing water for freshly shaved skin.

The products use all-natural ingredients that work synergistically together. The formulations worked well for my mixed skin; for both dry, mixed and oily skin. Lora must have used her many years of expertise from her many years of working in the skincare and spa business. You don’t have to join the Army for these products, they are readily available here:


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