Spa Review “Passion for skin and body care” Five Hot Stones

Luxury on Lovers

4703 West Lovers Lane

Dallas, TX 75209


First Impressions:

Upon arrival inside this 1930’s two story renovated home on West Lovers Lane you are greeted and welcomed by Lisa Cobb the Owner and Kaleb Leija the Director of Marketing. The house keeps it’s ‘home’ feeling as if it were your eccentric Uncles’ testing laboratory and comfortable living room in one. There are many cabinets, shelves and tables of cosmetic products, jewelry, clothing, herbs and medicinal potions for you to discover. Before I could finish taking in the scene, Lisa comes up and tells me about the services I am to receive. And so the conversation begins…

The Treatments:

Lisa starts me off with teeth whitening ( and blue light therapy on my face. The blue light is the actual color that you see (the other is red but at a different setting) on the three panel device. It is not noisy or intrusive but quiet relaxing. This Lightwave System Therapy has different settings for blue, red and infrared light therapy that are housed in three panels of light emitting diodes surrounding your face. Lisa had me put on the protective goggles so I would not accidentally look into the light. The light panel for teeth is about 15 minutes but for other treatments for acne, vascular lesions and periorbital wrinkles it takes 30 minutes. It is also been cleared to use for minor muscle and joint pain, arthritis, muscle spasm and stiffness. This precise wavelength of blue light reaches your skin at the dermal level and reacts with the bacteria to produce singlet oxygen and free radicals. All this has germ killing effects. The red wave length stimulates the production of ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) helps with healing process, reduces inflammation and restores the skin’s normal cellular activity.

Following these two procedures I am introduced to Ariana Geoffrey Stahlka the Licensed Acupuncturist and Massage Therapist. Immediately Ariana puts me in a relaxing and restorative phase by performing an acupressure massage called Krashada on the back of my head and neck. We have a consultation and she proceeds with the acupuncture treatment.

After a brief respite I am treated to an extended session of Total Body Sculpting on my stomach/abs area. Kaleb explains this is “transion,” the rapid slimming with muscle toning device that moderately re-shapes and tones the areas where used. It uses pulsed electrical stimuli to “twist” and “wring” the muscles and detoxifies the body temporarily increasing metabolism. You have control of the intensity. I must say you really feel the “burn” for over 24 hours. This will definitely encourage you to get back to the gym if you have not been going recently. The effects are still felt even a week after it’s use.

Further Impressions:

I was pleasantly surprised that a two story house could accommodate such an interesting place focusing on body and skin therapies. These include, hydro-facials, massage body wraps, enzyme treatments and peels, oxygen facials (check out the “Madonna” Series) and of course my all time favorite Hot Stones massage. Make sure you visit their website for much more information on all they offer: . Did I mention the infrared sauna, sugar and wax removal plus many more beauty treatments with women’s cosmetics? I was very impressed with Lisa’s over 20 years of expertise in the health, beauty and cosmetic industries. It’s truly wonderful knowing that someone has such incredible knowledge in this area and loves to teach and instruct others.


Besides the ones that I experienced, Luxury on Lovers carries Jan Marini product line (including the popular eyelash enhancer) plus local Dalasite celebrity Susan Posnick cosmetics. The shelves and tables are filled with all sorts of products and goodies for you to sample and explore.


From our first encounter on Twitter (@MarktheSpaman & @Luxuryon_Lovers) to an in person chat/interview, you can tell that Lisa Cobb has a passion for skin and body care and I should add wellness. There is just not enough time between treatments to get good information out of her. I think she should instruct with all that knowledge she has. Do you think she might offer consultations and hourly instruction?

For the passion and many specialized treatments, I am awarding a Five Hot Stones rating to Luxury on Lovers.

Five Hot Stones” is a rating system devised by @MarktheSpaman to indicate something special, worth going to and of substance that you should experience.