Hi, I am

Mark A. McKenney

I am a Digital Knowledge Manager #DKM.

about me

Mark’s personal passion is communication and the transference of new ideas especially in the digital realm with a specialty in the spa, skincare, medspa space all under the wellness and wellbeing umbrella. He works on various digital marketing projects and is a consummate connector of people both off and online. A content curator and creator, he works on websites with an agency mentality of bringing everything together and then disseminating it through all appropriate channels and devices according to the audience.

The overall arching strategy is of the utmost priority: use all the available data, correlate it to current and past information, analyze and digest it for your audience while engaging them with delight and a passion for life!

For the the last nine years years Mark has expanded and ‘worked’ his skills into digital Media and branded himself self as a digital marketer. He has leveraged social media channels for content marketing curation and creation with Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and Facebook to create an online persona named @MarktheSpaman. Mark has worked the interactive digital field to expand on customer interaction and promoting his client’s point of view. He has experience in CMS, CRM, launched Apps, customer centric data systems reorganized marketing and sales pipelines that gets things moving again in systematic ways. In effect Mark is a Digital Knowledge Manager.

He is a big proponent of doing business the new way: B2B, B2C and B2Direct. He enjoys listening, monitoring and amplification of the message(s) but most important of all an arching strategy that is necessary along with a group effort in a warrior mentality to get your message out and business done!

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